Considering the wide array of previously-released details on HTC's upcoming Droid Incredible 2, it would at first glance seem unlikely that there were any details left to leak about the device. And yet, more have emerged.

According to a leaked page from Verizon's internal system, the Incredible 2, will be a world phone compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks. The device will feature two cameras -- one 1.3MP front-facing, the other 8MP rear-facing -- a 16GB microSD card, and a Sync & Connect feature.

Many of the details, while previously rumored, are slightly more concrete in light of this most recent leak. According to the specifications page, the phone will also be compatible with Verizon's Mobile Hotspot, though the attached price of $20 for a monthly 20 GB is likely a typo.

While Verizon has not officially announced the device, a leaked Verizon roadmap points to a late April release.