Viewers have known for months the 19th annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would be held across the pond in London Tuesday, Dec. 9, and broadcast on CBS at 10 p.m. EST, but further details were unknown -- until now. The lingerie giant faced backlash after its “perfect body” campaign, but interest in its annual fashion show has not dwindled.

Each year the VS angels strut down the runway to a different theme. This year there will be six, WWD wrote via Vogue magazine Tuesday. There will be Gilded Angels, Exotic Traveler, Dream Girl, Fairy Tale, University of Pink and Angel Ball. Last year’s show opened with a British Invasion theme, which hinted at 2014’s location.

More than 50 models have been confirmed for the 2014 show, which is up 40 from last year. It’s been reported the number still can grow. Top British model Cara Delevingne will allegedly participate in this year’s show.

It takes a lot of time for the models to get ready for the show. The girls arrive at the venue at 10 a.m. to start hair and makeup even though the first show doesn’t take place until 4 p.m. To make sure every angle is caught, two back-to-back shows are performed.

It’s unknown who will perform at this year’s show. Last year Taylor Swift headlined. Candice Swanepoel told E! Online whom she would like to see sing on the catwalk. "I would love Beyoncé to perform, really," she said. "I mean they always choose amazing artists and it's fun to walk to something different."

One of the highlights of the VS show is the Fantasy Bra. This year, for the first time, there are two: one worn by Adriana Lima and the other by Alessandra Ambrosio. Each is worth $2 million. The most expensive bra, valued at $15 million, was worn by Gisele Bündchen in 2000.

Tickets for the show reportedly go for nearly $20,000, but even for those who can afford a ticket, it’s invitation only. "Victoria's Secret does not sell tickets to our invitation-only show and does not authorize any third-party agent to sell tickets on our behalf. The only way to obtain tickets is by special invitation or through charitable contributions to preapproved nonprofit organizations," Sharen Jester Turney, president and chief executive officer of Victoria's Secret, told Huffington Post.

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