A video resurfaced Friday of a Comedy Central clip in which Jimmy Kimmel appeared in blackface as a basketball player. The segment appeared to be from Kimmel’s “The Man Show” that aired from 1999 to 2004.

Kimmel appears in the clip as Utah Jazz player Karl Malone. The sketch is entitled “Karl Malone on Aliens.”

“Sometime at night, Karl Malone look up at the sky and say, ‘What the hell going on up there,’” Kimmel says in the video. “The UFO, they want other planet folding hole like ET. Karl Malone read on TV about white people getting deducted by alien, stickin’ all kinda hell up their butt. And that’s a damn shame. Now, Karl Malone never seen no flyin’ saucer himself. But if he do, that’s goin’ be a spooky time.”

Kimmel’s old videos appeared to be resurfacing in recent days, including one from “The Man Show” in which Kimmel asks women on the street to guess whats in his pants by feeling around. In the clip, Kimmel jokes that one woman should “use two hands” to figure it out. “Maybe it’d be easier if you put your mouth on it,” he said at another point.

Kimmel portrayed Malone in blackface at other points, Heavy pointed out. Another sketch featured him discussing Louisiana as the basketball player.

“Ya’ll love them naked boobies,” he said in the clip. “So Karl Malone tell you about Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Now, New Orleans nickname ‘Big Easy’ and here why. New Orleans big, and look at them girls, that’s easy. Big Easy, that’s alright.”