Walking Dead
"The Walking Dead" companion series is set to begin production later this year. AMC/ Gene Page

“The Walking Dead” spinoff has been moving slower than the Season 1 bicycle girl walker. The last update on the “companion series” for Robert Kirkman’s hit AMC show came in early September when it was confirmed that the network officially ordered a pilot episode. Now TV Line is releasing a little more scoop – and it’s much juicer than the previous spoilers that revealed that the new series would not be set in Georgia.

TV Line reportedly got their hands on the character list for the companion series. The list includes the names of six survivors that the show could potentially be following – including another “Andrea.” But fret not, this Andrea is nothing like Laurie Holden’s “Walking Dead” character who became involved with the Governor and met a horrible ending in Season 3. The companion series character is a 40-something-year-old named Andrea Chapman, who is “a somewhat wilted flower child.” The TV Line synopsis teases that she “has retreated to the outskirts of the city to recover from a horrible marriage.”

Other alleged characters include Sean Cabrera, a Latino male in his 40s who is “trying to do right by everyone in his life.” Sean has a teenage son, Cody, who is “whip-smart,” but also known as the “angriest kid in town.” Nancy Tompkins is another parent that will be featured on the show. Her character is a single mom in her 30s who has an “edge to her,” despite looking like the “girl next door.” Nancy’s two kids are her “screwed up” teenage son, Nick, and her “mostly level-headed” teenage daughter, Ashley.

The character descriptions reveal that the survivors are living in a place called Dodge – which might be referring to Dodge City in Kansas. Other clues from the casting information make it seem like “The Walking Dead” companion series won’t be set at the same time as Rick’s group in Georgia. While Rick, Daryl, Michonne and the others are living day-to-day trying to find shelter and supplies, it sounds like these new survivors are already living in a civilized community. This could mean two things for the spinoff – the companion series could potentially take place in an area where humans were able to control walkers and keep them out of the area, or the show could begin at the start of the zombie outbreak (something “The Walking Dead” was able to skip over thanks to Rick’s coma).

Unfortunately AMC did not comment or confirm the new casting information, so fans will have to keep speculating about the untitled project. More news may be on the way though. According to Entertainment Weekly, “The Walking Dead” companion series will go into production “later this year.”