• The "New War" update releases in December
  • The update will include an expansive story quest with playable side characters
  • "Warframe's" most recent update added a variety of changes for new and old players

The next big update for the free-to-play online action MMO “Warframe” is about to go live soon, and players can expect some hefty story beats to round up the current sequence of events covering the game.

“The New War” is a highly-anticipated update for the fans of “Warframe’s” steadily-growing universe. This new cinematic questline promises to shed some light on the previous main-line story events surrounding the Tenno, the Lotus, the robotic Sentient race and the history of the Orokin Empire.

Fans won’t have to wait too long for this update to arrive as developer Digital Extremes said that the “New War” will go live this December on all platforms, Polygon reported.

In the meantime, players are advised to get their Railjacks and Necramechs ready as they will be required to participate in the coming Sentient invasion, according to a “Warframe” forum post.

As for the update itself, the majority of the content will cover the expansion of the lore and the continuation of the story as well as some segments, including a playable Grineer Lancer, Corpus Crewmate and the Orokin Dax Teshin. The majority of the big game improvements will actually come before the release of “The New War.”

Kahl-175 wielding a Corinth Prime in the New War gameplay demo in Warframe
Kahl-175 wielding a Corinth Prime in the New War gameplay demo in Warframe Digital Extremes

Update 30.9 is already live, and it brought with it some much-needed quality of life improvements for “Warframe.”

First, the update introduced an on-screen guide designed to help new players figure out what to do next after completing their first tutorial mission. This should help newcomers find their footing without having to resort to external guides and resources.

The costs for crafting Necramechs and Amps have been reduced to make them more accessible to new players as well.

Second, Digital Extremes added Varzia, a new trader, to Maroo’s Bazaar. Varzia will sell vaulted Prime content such as weapons and Warframes in exchange for a new currency called Aya, which can be earned through general gameplay, and Regal Aya, which is bought using real money.

Varzia’s stock will change regularly, which should give players a chance to purchase or earn a vaulted Warframe.

Lastly, players who use a Forma on their Warframes will now have all abilities unlocked even after the level reset. Players with high mastery ranks will have their Warframe abilities fully-leveled upon installing a Forma, while low-ranking players will still start out with lower ability levels.