• The "Sisters of Parvos" update added new content and made significant changes to "Warframe"
  • The update added Yareli, the game's latest warframe
  • Several quality of life changes were also added to the game

The latest major update for “Warframe” has just arrived, bringing with it a long list of new content and some major changes to the game’s existing systems. The “Sisters of Parvos” update is shaking up “Warframe’s” long-standing meta with a new frame, a couple of extra weapons and the long-awaited Corpus Liches.

Here’s a quick rundown of the major highlights of the “Sisters of Parvos” update, including everything that old and new players will want to look out for as they start playing the game again.

Corpus Liches

The eponymous Sisters of Parvos will be added to the game as the Corpus counterpart of the Grineer’s Kuva Liches. These new boss-type enemies will start appearing randomly in Corpus Ship maps while qualifying for Rank 1 Nightmare Granum Void runs.

Like the Liches, players will need the right sequence of Requiem mods in order to kill or convert the Sisters.

New Weapons

When killed, the Sisters will drop one of the many new Tenet weapons, which are modified versions of Corpus weaponry that offer different effects and drawbacks. Among the modified weapons are brand new guns: the Envoy, Diplos and Spirex. There are also new Tenet melee weapons that can be obtained via Void Storms.

Additionally, Grineer Liches will have two new drops: the Kuva Hek and Kuva Zarr.


This water-bending warframe brings a number of powerful crowd-control and damage-over-time effects to the game. Yareli’s main blueprint can be obtained by completing her associated questline in Orb Vallis, while the rest of her components can be crafted through the new Bash Lab dojo room.

Melee Weapon Rebalance

The update rebalanced melee weapons by changing how some of their core weapon mods work to help promote varied playstyles and build diversity.

Blood Rush and Condition Overload got their base values lowered to curb power creep. Meanwhile, Berserker (now called Berserker Fury) will no longer be stackable with the Fury mod along with a 5% reduction to its maximum bonus at full stacks.

Additionally, Glaives received a minor rework with regards to how their throw attacks work.

Other Changes

There are tons of other changes and small tweaks made to the game, such as improved Parazon kill rules, alterations to Impact procs, new Helminth features and so much more, which can all be found in the dev patch notes.

Warframe is a fast-paced sci-fi shooter with a heavy emphasis on melee and mobility
Warframe is a fast-paced sci-fi shooter with a heavy emphasis on melee and mobility Digital Extremes