Angela Simmons was one of the most talked-about celebrities on Sunday night, and it generally wasn’t for a good reason. The fashionista was getting tons of flack on Twitter for what she wore to the 2013 BET Awards. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton referred to her as a "deflated cupcake," while Hollywood Life referred to her dress as an “interesting frock.”

It’s not clear what look Simmons was going for at the BET Awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, but fashion designer and uncle Russell Simmons seemed to be a fan of her futuristic ensemble. He also might have been one of the only people who liked it.

He tweeted on Sunday before the event: “Watching BET awards pre show loving @AngelaSimmons Dress. I bet @acehood is trending :-)” As it turned out, Ace Hood was trending as well as Simmons, but it wasn’t for a good reason, either. The rapper’s watch fell off when he was on the red carpet.

Before she appeared on camera, the 25-year-old daughter of Run D.M.C’s Joseph Simmons tweeted a preview of her jewelry for the evening: “Sneak peak of the action tonight! Fashion fun! Diamonds and more diamonds.”

Twitter, the social media site that has developed a reputation for trash talk, took the opportunity to share how much it despised her outfit. Here are some posts from Twitter users on Sunday night: