The first full trailer for Season 5 of HBO's hit series True Blood has been released and it will surely leave fans hungry for more. Season 4 left viewers with many questions -- Will Tara live? Will Sookie and Bill reunite? Why is Reverend Newlin back? How will Lafayette cope without Jesus? Prior to the release of the full trailer, all other teasers did not include actual clips from the upcoming season.

So, what does the first full True Blood promo reveal about Season 5? The voiceover for the clip is presumably a member of the vampire authority, who says, We were created in God's image, not humans... For as the beetle nourishes the lark, so shall humans nourish vampires. The teaser opens with Sookie digging a grave followed by images of the main characters, including the return of Reverend Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) -- preacher turned vampire -- and a wild, fiery explosion. Noticeably absent from the promo was Tara (Rutina Wesley).

Which leaves us where we left off at the end of Season 4.

Season 4's final episode, And When I Die, was a riveting finale for a season of ups and downs. Some of the rather drawn-out themes of the show - Marnie's death plots, Sookie's love triangle and Jason and Jess' romance - were tied together perfectly in this final episode.

Season 4 ended on Halloween in Bon Temps, with the character's readying themselves for a spooky holiday. Marnie's spirit inhabits Lafayette, leading to the most horrific event of the episode - the killing of Jesus. After tying him to a chair and engaging in an emotional conversation, the possessed Lafayette winds up killing his lover Jesus, licking the knife clean of blood afterwards. This, of course, will leave Lafayette emotionally scarred for Season 5.

Lafayette, under Marnie's guide, then captures Bill and Eric to be burned at the stake. In her vengeance against vampires, Marnie utters the darkly humorous line, What goes around comes around, b------. Luckily, Sookie, Tara and Holly summon Antonia who convinces Marnie to leave Lafayette's body with a little help from Gran.

Sam buries his brother Tommy, who helped him kill Luna's jealous baby daddy. Although Sam's plotline was one of the least eventful of Season 4, the finale ended with an angry werewolf visiting the Merlotte. A juicy cliffhanger, for sure.

Arlene is scared by the ghost of Rene, who has been haunting her since she found out she was pregnant. He warns her that Terry's recently-returned war buddy, played by Scott Fowley, might bring disaster into her life.

Jason finally confesses his feelings for Jessica to her ex-boyfriend Hoyt. Although this admission goes as planned (with a beating delivered to Jason), Jason recovers with a sexy visit from Jessica who is dressed as Red Riding Hood for Halloween. After the steamy encounter, Jessica leaves and Jason is visited by Reverend-turned-vampire Steve Newlin. Bam! Another cliffhanger.

Sookie ends her love triangle by confessing her never-ending love to Bill and her lust for Eric, but deciding that she must be alone for the time being. This, of course, will change in Season 5 because we all know Sookie does not like to be single.

Finally, one of the most jaw-dropping scenes of finale comes when Tara is shot in the head after jumping in front of a bullet shot by Debbie to save Sookie. Will Tara live or die? Is that grave Sookie is digging in the promo for her best friend?

True Blood Season 5 premieres in June on HBO.

Season 5 Clip Trailer