If the game “floor is lava” has taught us anything, it’s that some people avoid lava and other people dive right into it. If you are the type who likes to avoid burning to death but still finds molten rock intriguing, the Finland-based Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has got you covered.

The channel is known for using dangerous items and the latest video (below) sticks to that pattern, crushing copper, aluminum and — you guessed it — lava.

After putting rock into a furnace to make it a fiery, molten substance, channel host Lauri Vuohensilta places it underneath his hydraulic press. “Uh oh,” he cries, as the melty rock rips open underneath the pressure and flames lick up the sides of the press. The fire gets stronger as he crushes the lava more and more. When it’s over, while surveying the damage he describes it as looking a “bit like hell.”

The lava starts to harden in its crushed form and Vuohensilta speeds up that process by tossing it into the snow surrounding the outdoor hydraulic press, sending steam into the air. The snow is not much match for the molten rock, however, as it stays fiery hot.

“It’s almost like [a] lava flower,” Vuohensilta says as he stares down at it.

The molten copper and aluminum he made to crush in the video were so much thinner than the lava that fire was leaking out of them in rivers as the press came down.

The slow-motion replays of the crushes drive home how destructive these materials can be.