Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners who are still confused on what to do with their devices can turn to Stephen Colbert. In a video, the late night host creates a fictional “instructional video” to accompany an equally-fictional return kit.

In the sketch, which appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , the video instructs users to wear two pairs of gloves, tell their spouse they love them, and pack the device in NASA heat shield material using special tongs. A dog is also involved, but we will let you see for yourselves how that plays into the video.

In real life, Samsung issued return kits to Galaxy Note 7 owners, reported Reuters, after discontinuing the device altogether. In the kits were fireproof gloves, a thermally insulated fireproof box with ceramic fiber paper lining and instructions that the box is "forbidden for transport by aircraft.”

Samsung rolled out the luxury smartphone in August and issued a voluntary recall on Sept. 2 for 2.5 million devices across 10 countries after reports of the device catching on fire. The self-imposed recall, which the company said was due to a "minor manufacturing flaw,” was followed by an official one by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, shortly before replacement phones hit the market. But as Galaxy Note 7 owners got their replacement devices, new reports emerged claiming replacement phones were also exploding.

Samsung has not disclosed an official reason for the battery mishap, but the South Korean company did say in a statement that it would be “making significant changes in its quality assurance processes.”