Harry Potter theme park
Smoke filters through Hogwarts Castle during the grand opening celebration for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando Resort June 16, 2010. Scott Audette/Reuters

As if the final film wasn't enough to keep Harry Potter fans on the edge of their brooms, recent days have kept us abuzz with a single question: What is Pottermore?

While Muggles anxiously clutch their replica wizard wands, awaiting J.K. Rowling's big announcement tomorrow, theories as to the meaning behind this mysterious new site are flying around like pixies loose in a Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Here are a few of the more interesting ones.

Pottermore is a Harry Potter Encyclopedia
J.K. admitted to working on a Harry Potter Encyclopedia. Maybe Pottermore is a promotional site for this tome of wizard info. It may even be the entire encyclopedia online, though I doubt that's the ultimate plan for the written work. The only thing that makes me think this may not be the case is the actual title of the site, which doesn't sound particularly encyclopedia-like. I was expecting something more along the lines of Encyclopedia Pottanica.

Pottermore is a Social Networking Site
Move over Facebook, there's a new wizard in town. This theory is actually quite interesting, because it presupposes there is a market for a Harry Potter social networking site that has not already been met by other sites on the Web. Maybe this is a platform in which you can create a wizard persona of sorts. That almost edges into RPG land, which takes us to our next theory ...

Pottermore is a Gaming Site
Step aside, Half Life. God, could you imagine? If Pottermore is really a wizard RPG, the clamor to register may take down the Internet (I'm not sure if taking down the Internet is feasible, but if it is, such a site would accomplish it).

Pottermore is an Alternate Harry Potter Universe in Which Voldemort Won
This theory is simply a play on the title -- Potter + More. Though if it was true, wouldn't the title be Pottermort? Besides, I highly doubt J.K. has created a website to negate her entire series, fan fiction style.

Pottermore is a Harry Potter Brand
Remember when Oprah created Harpo? Yeah, just like that. It's about time Harry Potter had a brand to encompass all the books, toys, treats, costumes, clothes, dolls, candies, and decorations created based on the series. This theory makes the most sense to me, with the RPG coming in a close second.

After much convincing from friends and family, Jessica Ciaramella finally started reading Harry Potter in 2009, years after everyone else, and chronicling her reactions, overreactions, wrong predictions, and occasional right predictions in her blog, thelastmuggle.com. This piece was originally posted there. Jess is a writer and theater director in Philadelphia.