Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams Reuters

Wendy Williams' talk show is not complete without her dissing an A-list celebrity. This week, the 50-year-old TV queen known for her outspoken personality set her sights on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, commenting on West’s parenting skills.

During a recent interview West did with GQ, he spoke about his hope that celebrity children can live more normal lives away from the paparazzi’s cameras. But this week, Williams asserted that West should spend less time complaining and more time with his daughter, North. “How ‘bout you spend more time with your daughter at home, with your wife, doing normal people things, maybe then she’d have a shot at a normal life,” Williams said. “But the face that she’s got you as a father … all bets are off.”

This is not the first time Williams has dissed the Kardashian clan. Last May, the television personality had a segment on Andy Cohen’s show, “Watch What Happens: Live,” on Bravo, and was very vocal about Kardashian’s future with the rapper.

“She and Kanye will not make it. And what kind of mom will she be? A single mom,” Williams stated. She even predicted that West will leave “30 seconds after the baby is born.” So far, that has proven to be false.

Williams also discussed how West spent most of his time away from the 33-year-old reality star while she was pregnant, living in Paris and working on new music.

“I think Kanye’s about sick of all of it, and he might think he has invested too much into this family and he is not going to win,” Williams continued to say on Cohen’s show.

“You are not going to pull a Kardashian away from Kardashians. They just don’t really understand what it’s like to give up for other people,” she said at the time.