Wendy's pretzel burger has been a success in test markets and could make its national debut later this year. Reuters

Wendy’s has been experimenting with a new bacon cheeseburger that replaces the traditional bun with a pretzel. Wendy’s pretzel burger has scored well in test markets and will make its national debut in the near future.

Wendy’s has been testing the pretzel burger in restaurants across northern Ohio, much to the delight of consumers, reports the Columbus Dispatch. The pretzel burger has tested extremely well, making a national rollout inevitable. The publication cites an analyst’s report from Janney Capital Markets stating a national launch of the pretzel burger could boost sales, prompting the analysts to raise Wendy’s stock rating to “buy.”

Although Wendy’s is testing the pretzel bacon cheeseburger, the company remains tightlipped about plans for a national rollout or any marketing strategies. Wendy’s spokesman Denny Lynch said in response to Janney’s reports, “Although we can't control what analysts say, we don't talk about test products, nor potential future marketing efforts.”

Janney’s report indicated Wendy’s pretzel burger proved one of the best-received test products the company has produced in the last two decades, reports the Columbus Dispatch. The biggest difference between the pretzel bacon cheeseburger and Wendy’s traditional bacon cheeseburger options is a denser bun that has the texture and taste of a soft pretzel.

With McDonald’s retiring the Angus Third Pounder from its menu, Wendy’s could make significant gains in premium burger sales. Of late, Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s have been aiming to diversify menu options, offering more chicken products while including more limited-time options and value-based products. Offering a premium sandwich could further diversify Wendy’s menu while giving the company a unique product that could lead to increased exposure.

Analysts who spoke to USA Today had similar high praise for Wendy’s pretzel burger, citing innovation as the primary reason for the optimism. Wendy’s had previously tested the pretzel burger in Miami.

Pricing is another factor that could determine if Wendy’s pretzel burger becomes the next Doritos Locos Tacos or a cult classic like the McRib. It’s unclear when Wendy’s will introduce the pretzel burger nationally, but Janney’s analyst believes the company could roll out the product in the third quarter.