Amazon is launching SmileCode in February albeit in limited capacity. However, the e-commerce giant is believed to be planning something big for its latest project. But before going there, what is SmileCode, really? And what does it do?

For the uninitiated, SmileCode is Amazon’s new version of the QR-style code markers for products. The company’s version is different because it is placing its trademarked smile at the center of the barcode-looking boxes, which explains its name. 

According to TechCrunch, Amazon has been testing its new codes for weeks now in pop-up shops and Amazon Lockers in Europe. After which, the company is debuting SmileCode in the U.S. in February. At launch though, the codes will only be available to a few magazines including Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. 

Just like QR codes, SmileCode is intended to display or do something when users scan it using the Amazon app for smartphones. Upon lining up the camera with the code, an action such as opening a product page or playing a video ad or trailer takes place. The action varies from code to code and from the type of product where the SmileCode is found. 

TechCrunch believes that while SmileCode will mainly be used to instantly load product pages at launch, Amazon could expand its application to its own boxes. If true, it wouldn’t be the first time that Amazon is utilizing its boxes as ads. Back in 2015, the company launched bright yellow Minion themed boxes. Then, it introduced “Greatest Showman” boxes last December to advertise the 20th Century Fox movie. 

One possible way for Amazon to incorporate its SmileCodes into its boxes is to use them in providing clickable links to consumers. Through this, users can access detailed product information by just scanning the SmileCode on the Amazon box.

More details about Amazon’s SmileCode are expected to be announced on or before its official launch next month.