When it comes to shopping on Black Friday 2019, consumers want the best possible deal. But is Black Friday really the best day to score a big deal? These are the best and the worst items to buy when Black Friday shopping.

One of the best items to buy during Black Friday is jewelry. Consumers can expect to save as much as 70% on jewelry as retailers offer deep discounts on these products, making this an ideal gift for that special someone, according to a report by WalletHub.

The report also indicated that consumers that are looking to stock up on books, movies, and music gifts will also do well on Black Friday as most of these products will be offered 44% off the original price. In addition, apparel and accessories will be on sale for as much as 39% off during the weekend, followed by consumer-packaged goods at 37% off, the report said.

Toys will also reportedly be offered at a discount on Black Friday, with many shoppers seeing a 33% savings on these gifts for children, while video games will be offered 30% off the original price at many retailers.

The worst products to buy for Black Friday may surprise consumers as some of the most coveted items aren’t offered with significant price savings. According to WalletHub, consumer electronics are on sale with only a 25% discount while computers and phones are only on sale for 30% off the retail price.

Other items that WalletHub said consumers might want to avoid when shopping on Black Friday include furniture and appliances, which are only offered with a discount of 26% and 32%, respectively.

Black Friday Worst
Consumers will want to avoid buying these items on Black Friday if they want to save money on their holiday shopping. A Black Friday sale sign at Urban Outfitters in the Mall of America on Nov. 24, 2017 in Bloomington. Getty Images/Stephen Maturen