A man eats junk food in Leipzig, Germany, May 23, 2013. Getty Images

The United States has something in common with countries like Kuwait, the Bahamas, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. They all have many obese people among their population, according to data obtained by Telegraph Travel from the CIA's World Factbook.

Over the years, there have been surveys and studies on the type of food that makes you fat. It all depends on how much of what you consume. Your diet should have reduced amounts of cholesterol, provide enough energy to get you through the day, have proteins to keep you strong and roughage to keep your system clear. Plenty of water is also required.

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Harvard University has established the food items that are supposedly the most unhealthy and the reason behind obesity:

French fries

Everyone loves French fries or as it was briefly known, "Freedom fries." If you are addicted to them though, you might be gaining weight uncontrollably. French fries at eateries that taste so delicious could end up being your silent killers. Making them at home does not improve the situation much either, other than the possibility of using a better brand of oil.

French Fries
French fries being made at a McDonald's store in Miami, Florida, April 25, 2017. Getty Images

Fried foods in general

It's actually any food that has been deep-fried that will not just make you fat, it will elevate your cholesterol level and might even cause a heart attack at an early age. Fried food prepared at home is okay for occasional treats but ones from restaurants and drive-bys are much riskier. That means anything fried - from breaded meat to vegetables.

Soda Pop

Ever wonder why you are you gaining weight so fast even though you have a controlled diet? Your answer might be the things you drink. Avid soda drinkers are known to be the most obese. Usually prepared from genetically modified corn syrup, soda pop is the cause of a long list of ailments. High calories with zero nutritional value make these drinks the best way to gain weight. Replace your soda quenches with the likes of water or tea for a healthy option.

Fatty Meat

Beef and pork might be tasty but too much of them makes you obese. The fat from the meats is too heavy and harmful for the heart if consumed in abundance.

Trans fat

Frozen food items, processed food, and foods that come in ready-to-eat labels contain trans fat or trans fatty acids. This is an industrial creation – adding hydrogen to vegetable oil making it harder. This is the worst type of fat that human beings currently consume.

Prepared fruit juices

Fruit juices prepared at home are the best. Even the ones that claim to be 100% natural on the shelves are stuffed with preservatives and excess sugar to last longer. Added colors and harmful chemicals further add to the health threats.


Not all chocolate is harmful, however the kinds which contain large amounts of sweeteners, preservatives and additives are not good for you. Also you must try to avoid white chocolate as much as possible because it contains high amounts of sugar, fat and chemicals.

In this photograph, a woman picks up a piece Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate in Bristol, England, Jan. 19, 2010. Getty Images

Processed cereals

Processed cereals like cornflakes are extremely harmful and result in a lot of calorie consumption. Cornflakes, which claim to help you lose weight might be packed with extra sugar coatings that in turn will result in weight gain. You should restrain from having these processed cereals and opt for whole grain cereals like oatmeal.


Consuming butter in large quantities results in increased cholesterol levels. It also makes your skin prone to getting oily, which in turn makes it more likely you will get acne on your face.

Butter melts in a pan as Original Dresden Christmas Stollen is made at the Wippler bakery in Dresden, Germany, Nov. 16, 2012. Getty Images

Coffee with cream or added sugar

Avoid having coffee with extra cream and sugar. It might taste blissful, but it is not good for you. It will lead to consumption of excess calories and contribute to weight gain.