Everyone’s got those Facebook friends who they don’t want to unfriend but maybe post too many photos of their new cat or their car. Facebook already has a few features that allow users to control what they see on their feeds, but Friday the company announced a brand new one called “Snooze.”

This new feature allows users to take a little 30-day break from any of their friends or any pages or groups they follow on the social media platform. Once a user snoozes one of these people or groups on the site they won’t see anything from that those people or groups for a full 30 days.

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The new addition was added to the site because users wanted more ways to control their newsfeeds, a post from Facebook Product Manager, Shruthi Muraleedharan, said. The Snooze feature lets users avoid unfriending anyone or unfollowing any groups, but gives all the benefits of that action. Snooze offers a temporary solution instead of a more permanent one. If a user Snoozes someone or something, nobody will be notified of that, and alternatively, if a user is Snoozed, they won’t know either. The Snooze can be reversed whenever. However, users who Snooze someone or something will get a notification when that Snooze period is about to end.

How to Snooze a person, page or group on Facebook:

When a user comes across a post on Facebook either from a group, or a person, that they don’t want to see posts from anymore, it’s easy to Snooze that person or group. When looking at the post, simply select the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of a post, this is the little menu that appears after selecting the “...” This will pull up a menu with options, like “hide post,” “unfollow,” and now “Snooze.” Once a user selects “Snooze” those posts will stay off of their feed for 30 days.