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The metaverse will be a game-changer in the digital Defi space. Given its fast-paced mode of facilitating communication, boosting economies, and real-time interaction, it has every prospect of revolutionizing how businesses operate globally. Fortune 500 companies have evolved through innovation to become industry giants, and now they can explore the metaverse's incredible opportunities to expand their future growth.

Alpesh Kadakia, the co-founder of Bridge 3 Labs, believes that the metaverse represents a transformative platform and "the greatest, biggest, and most defining evolution for our humanity since the internet in the past 20 years." Just as the growing popularity of the internet has impacted business and led to innovative technologies like blockchain and crypto, the metaverse has the potential to help Fortune 500 companies or any other growing business venture scale from a dynamic perspective. "Over the next twenty years, the collective market value of goods and services and value associated in and out of the metaverse will exceed $25 to $50 trillion—two times the size of the US economy. This is a huge economic engine," Alpesh predicts.

Alpesh Kadakia
Alpesh Kadakia Alpesh Kadakia

With three decades of digital transformation practice at PwC and Deloitte for blue chip companies like Apple, MasterCard, Sony, Disney, Facebook (Meta), Boeing, LinkedIn, and Coca-Cola, Alpesh has played a crucial role in implementing structures that spur rapid growth alongside minimal risk.

Alpesh is the CEO of his Family Office with a multi-billion portfolio of companies worldwide. This portfolio includes renewable energy businesses, digital investment ventures, crypto, and more. Alpesh's penchant for being an early adopter of groundbreaking global trends piqued his interest in the Web3 space. This led to the founding of Bridge 3 Labs. Fernando Garcia is the partner and ideator of Bridge 3 Labs. He has a proven track record of co-founding and scaling CORE Fueling to a multi-million fuel automation technology and leading CNG distribution business.

Bridge 3 Labs is a platform that offers individuals and entities the opportunity to invest in ownership of exclusive, off-market access to high-quality rare wine and sought-after art. In addition, it is a place where investors can venture into high-end assets and access elevated experiences within the ecosystem. With over 4,000 members in over 20 countries worldwide, the platform boasts an impressive community of wine lovers, luxury enthusiasts, and real estate investors.

Most investors have not entered the NFT space but are looking to diversify their portfolios. Bridge 3 Labs can be the right platform to broaden its reach to new markets and sectors in the Web3 space. Web3 products will offer exclusive access to off-market private resources, which will appreciate and compound into long-term returns. According to Alpesh, Fortune 500 companies can also explore the Web3 space to boost growth in three target areas: shareholders, employees, and customers.

Alpesh asserts, "There is a convergence between those two different stakeholders—shareholders and customers—that are now fused into one in the metaverse world." To him, Fortune 500 companies can unlock an opportunity for their constituents, clients, and customers to be shareholders in the business's overall success by holding the goods and services they provide their consumers.

In the metaverse, clients act like a shareholder by purchasing an NFT because they have financial participation in the success of that business. "The NFT holder acts both as a stakeholder in the sense that they're a consumer because they are a brand ambassador of the product. They're also a shareholder because they would also reap financial benefits, good or bad, based on how the company performs," Alpesh says.

According to Alpesh, the metaverse is a game changer, an opportunity to attract and facilitate tremendous growth and prospects for industry giants. As Fortune 500 companies build engagements with these new online communities in the metaverse, it is vital to understand and define what end-user community they want to have and cultivate. Web3 is the inverse of how Fortune 500 or centralized companies are structured—the communities are at the top of an inverted pyramid. "The company is kind of at the base. The power is to the people. It's democratized. So listen, be receptive, be able to iterate quickly on that feedback," says Alpesh.