This year, Santa Claus will enjoy the most comfortable Christmas, thanks to Siri, the intelligent, voice-controlled, personal assistant from Apple, according to the new ad released by the technology giant.

In the video, Santa takes the help of Siri to make his life easier and his otherwise busy schedule he breezes through his otherwise busy schedule. For instance, Santa Claus is asking for the direction and weather of different places, before he goes out to deliver the Christmas gifts for the kids there. Siri does not disappoints the old man, giving him accurate answers immediately.

Apple also adds a human touch to the ad as a message - “Go easy on the cookies” - suddenly is read by Siri. It's a message from Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus responds with a sweet smile.

And, when Santa Claus asks Siri about the daily schedule on the 'deer car,' Siri reminds him that he has 3.7 billion appointments.

Obviously, Apple has put a creative touch in the ad, suggesting that iPhone 4S will be the most popular gift this Christmas.

iPhone 4S has not changed in design compared to its predecessor, iPhone 4, but Siri has become the most popular feature of the latest iPhone and its biggest selling point. It is no exaggeration to say Siri can do nearly every things, as long as you command it, including sending messages, scheduling meetings, placing phone calls, finding nearest gas stations, and more. Furthermore, it can also talk with you, and the conversations sometimes can be hilarious.

However, Siri unwittingly got involved in some controversies such as abortions, birth control and is dogged by some glitches. Nonetheless, it has not stopped the hackers from trying to port Siri to other iOS devices, including the older iPhone and iPad.

Click the video to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and the power of Siri.