Norwegian Air issued an apology Sunday following reports that a wheelchair-bound elderly woman with eyesight problems missed her flight after she was taken to a wrong gate. The incident took place at the Orlando International Airport on July 14.

Speaking to Fox 35, Brian Moorhead said his 82-year-old mother was traveling to London when she was mistakenly taken to the wrong gate. Moorhead said he took his mother to the airport almost three hours prior to the flight. However, she was left in the care of a worker after he wasn’t allowed to wheel in her. He said it was a “genuine mistake” until he was asked to pay additional $449 for the replacement ticket.

The airline has now decided to refund the price of an extra ticket and has also issued an apology.

In a statement to Fox News, Anders Lindstrom, Norwegian Air's director of communications for North America, said, "Norwegian sincerely apologizes for this situation, which should never have happened. While Norwegian Air is the operating airline, we contract certain services at Orlando International Airport. One ground handler is responsible for check-in and boarding agents, while another company handles services such as wheelchair assistance. In this case, based on the information we have received, there seems to have been miscommunication as to what happened to Ms. Moorhead, who should not have been left by herself. She should of course have been given proper attention and care until she boarded, which is when Norwegian Air cabin crew would be responsible for her well-being until she arrived in London.”

"Due to this miscommunication of events, Mr. Moorhead was unfortunately charged for a new ticket the following night, which should also not have happened, and Norwegian apologies for this. A refund has been issued,” the statement added.

Norwegian air
A Norwegian aircraft takes off past the air traffic control tower of Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport in Malaga, southern Spain, June 8, 2015. Reuters