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The online multiplayer portion of “Red Dead Redemption 2” is now live, but not for everyone. Players who see some of their friends playing it on Xbox One or PS4 might be wondering when they can get in. Luckily, developer Rockstar Games has laid out exactly when players can mosey and rustle with other players throughout the game’s large open world.

As of Wednesday, anyone who played “Red Dead Redemption” on its launch date of Oct. 26 can play “Red Dead Online.” On Thursday, anyone who played between Oct. 26 and Oct. 29 can play it. Finally, on Friday, everyone else can log into the game’s online component.

The gradual rollout might be a way for Rockstar to avoid rampant server issues, which plagued “Grand Theft Auto Online” when it launched in 2013. “Red Dead Online” is a free multiplayer mode available to all who own “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Players can roam around the game world with their friends and play various cooperative and competitive modes.

“Red Dead Online” is in a beta form right now, meaning it is not finished and might have technical issues.