“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 15 left off with a major cliffhanger. Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before fans have answers. The show is on hiatus until 2019.

Not only is the ABC drama off until the new year, the network hasn’t even announced a midseason premiere date. However, “Grey’s Anatomy” usually isn’t off the air for too long. Typically, the show comes back between mid- to late-Jauary. Last year, it returned on Jan. 18.

When the show returns in 2019, there will be plenty of good-old-fashioned elevator drama. “Grey’s Anatomy” loves an elevator sequence, and there will be two major ones. Teddy had just told Owen about her pregnancy, and Owen was ready to confront her when Amelia walked into the elevator — and then it got stuck.

In another elevator, Meredith is stuck with DeLuca, who just admitted he had feelings for her. Mer wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but the Italian doctor seems determined. However, the attending just said yes to a drink with new doc Link. It seems Meredith will have a big love triangle when the show returns.