The most special summer event of all is arriving on TV screens again. Shark Week 2021 is finally swimming closer and Discovery Channel has released the full schedule.

The event, which is kicking off its 33rd year on air, will air on TV from Sunday, July 11 through Sunday, July 18 with more than two dozen brand-new shark-focused specials on both the actual television channel and on the streaming service Discovery+.

Shark_Week_2021 Shark Week is now in its 33rd year. Photo: Discovery

See the full Shark Week 2021 schedule (all times EDT):

Sunday, July 11

8 p.m.- “Crikey! It’s Shark Week”

  • Robert Irwin comes face to face with a Great White Shark for the first time ever with shark conservationists Paul de Gelder and Madison Stewart. His goal is to follow in his father’s footsteps and determine whether Crocs or Great Whites reign supreme.

9 p.m.- “Tiffany Haddish Does Shark Week”

  • Tiffany Haddish is joined by Dr. Toby Daly-Engel, Dr. Craig O’Connell and Alannah Vellacott as she discovers more about sharks than she initially planned to.

10 p.m.- “Jackass Shark Week Special”

  • Johnny Knoxville sends Steve-O, Chris Pontius and new cast members on a series of shark stunts that will test their bravery and threshold of pain as they put common myths about sharks to rest with the help of Dr. Craig.

Streaming on Discovery+

“Sharkbait with David Dobrik”

  • Internet sensation David Dobrik and his friends are on the craziest adventure yet-Diving with sharks! But bad weather and larger sharks than expected lead to them quickly asking why they got involved in the first place.

Monday, July 12

8 p.m.- “Air Jaws: Going For Gold”

  • Narrated by Chris Rose, the Air Jaws team- Alison Towner, Dickie Chivell, Chris Fallows and Enrico Gennari return to Seal Rock to capture the highest breach ever recorded.

9 p.m.- “Jaws Awakens: Phred vs. Slash”

  • Brandon McMillan and Dickie Chivell set out to determine whether Phred or Slash is the largest shark in existence.

10 p.m.- “Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek”

  • Josh Gates links up with William Shatner and they enter shark-infested waters to understand the nature of fear and come face-to-face with an apex predator.

Streaming On Discovery+

“Stranger Sharks”

  • Mark Rober and Noah Schnapp from “Stranger Things” team up to explore abandoned undersea ruins and man-made artificial reefs in the search for the strangest sharks in the ocean.

Tuesday, July 13

8 p.m.- “MotherSharker”

  • A team consisting of Dr. James Sulikowski, Dr. Toby Daly-Engel, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and Jamin Martinelli deploy an arsenal of technology to solve the mystery of where tiger sharks give birth.

9 p.m.- “Brad Paisley’s Shark Country”

  • Brad Paisley and JB Smoove head to the Bahamas, where they meet with Dr. Austin Gallagher to see how sound can either attract or repel sharks.

10 p.m.- “The Spawn Of El Diablo”

  • Michelle Jewel investigates to see if mega-shark El Diablo has returned to Shark Africa for the first time since 2012.

Streaming on Discovery+

“Great White Comeback”

  • Alison Towner, Enrico Gennari and Andy Casagrande set out to find the missing Great Whites of Seal Island.

Wednesday, July 14

8 p.m.- “MechaShark”

  • Kina Scollay, Mark Edmann and Al Baxter build a submersible mechanical shark to track down New Zealand’s monster great whites and see if they can find a mating ground.

9 p.m.- “The Real Sharknado”

  • Ian Ziering and Tara Reid pick up their chainsaws for a new adventure—but this time they join Dr. Tristan Guttridge to determine if a real Sharknado could actually happen.

10 p.m.- “Return to Lair of the Great White”

  • Dr. Craig O’Connell and Marc Payne set out to make a discovery that could change everything we know about great whites.

Streaming on Discovery+

“Tiger Queen”

  • The shark population in Turks and Caicos is sizably female, leaving Kinga Philipps and Dr. Austin Gallagher to try and determine just where the mal tiger sharks are hiding.

Lemon_Shark Shark Representational Image. Photo: Discovery

Thursday, July 15

8 p.m.- “Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Shark Week”

  • Dr. Sandra Lee heads to Turks and Caicos with Dr. Austin Gallagher to explore the world of shark skin and how she can apply the science to help human skin issues.

9 p.m.- “Sharkadelic Summer 2”

  • Snoop Dogg breaks down the craziest encounters, wildest and most unpredictable reactions to discover if America is once again ground zero for the shark superstorm.

10 p.m.- “Mega Jaws Of Bird Island”

  • Alison Towner, Chris Fallows, Dickie Chivell and Enrico Gennari set out to search and tag the last female great white shark mature enough to carry on the South African species.

Streaming on Discovery+

“Raging Bulls”

  • Paul De Gelder and Johan Gustafson set out to uncover why Australian Bull Sharks are becoming even more aggressive hunters.

Friday, July 16

8 p.m.- “Ninja Sharks: Mutants Rising”

  • Sharks in the icy waters of Alaska, off populated beaches of New York and in ghostly shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina have developed unique and deadly ninja skills.

9 p.m.- “Monster Sharks of Andros Island”

  • Shark researchers Dr. Tristan Guttridge, Annie Guttridge, Alannah Vellacott and Khrys Carroll travel to Andros Island to determine if it’s a new Great Hammerhead hotspot.

10 p.m.- “Mystery Of The Black Demon Shark”

  • Forrest Galante heads to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico to search for answers regarding El Demonio Negro, a legendary 50-foot shark that has terrorized fishermen and tourists alike.

11 p.m.- “I Was Prey: Terrors Of The Deep 2”

  • Two adventure seekers recount their horrifying shark attack experiences.

Streaming On Discovery+

“Extinct Or Alive: Jaws Of Alaska”

  • Forrest Galante travels the world in search of rare and elusive wildlife, including the mysterious cold-water sharks.

Saturday, July 17

8 p.m.- “Return To Shark Vortex”

  • As the Shark Vortex retreats in the fall, sharks battle it out for dominance in New England’s icy waters.

9 p.m.- “Shark Week Best In Show”

  • Discover everything that has happened in the world of sharks this year, including unbelievable viral videos, big news stories and the latest in cutting-edge shark science.

10 p.m.- “I Was Prey: Shark Week 2021”

  • The stories of two horrific shark attacks are told solely by the survivors who overcame life and death circumstances to tell their tales.

Streaming On Discovery+

“Rogue Tiger Shark: The Hunt For Lagertha”

  • A monster lurks in the crystal blue waters off the coast of Costa Rica named Lagertha. Scientists team up to discover why she and others in the area are unexpectedly more aggressive.

Sunday, July 18

10 p.m.- “Shark Academy”

  • Eight men and women embark on an intense six-week crash course to secure a coveted crew spot on shark scientist Dr. Riley Elliott’s next great shark diving expedition. The show will be available to stream on Discovery+ one week prior.

Streaming on Discovery+

“The Great Hammerhead Stakeout”

  • Dr. Tristan Guttridge and James Glancy travel to Andros Island to investigate reports of an exclusive population of giant hammerheads.

Shark Week 2021 1 Shark Representational Image. Photo: Discovery