Apple on Wednesday announced the death of the company's iconic leader Steve Jobs. Even as the world grieved the death of one of the world's best known visionary and creative genius, a video began circulating on the Internet that suggested Jobs probably die on Oct. 5, a day after the release of iPhone 4S.

A video was released on YouTube that showed Jobs suddenly slipping down while he was seated in a chair during a business meeting. The video suggested that it was the last last public appearance of Jobs before his death.

Some of the video watchers said Jobs died before Oct. 4 but his death was kept a secret because if it became public, it would have jeopardized the release of iPhone 4S at the super-hyped 'Let's talk iPhone' event.

However, some said the video is fake, because just a second before Jobs was spotted slipping down, the camera lens zoomed out and watchers suggested that someone else pretending to be Jobs acted as if the iconic tech guru was slipping down.

Meanwhile, TMZ has released a photo that showed Jobs as a very sick and thin person just three days before his death.

Did Jobs pass away in this business meeting? Or did he pass away in the presence of his family and friends? What do you think? Watch the video, see the photo below and post your comments.