Apple still has to find a supplier to push through with giving their iPhone devices 5G capabilities. The company has a few choices to choose from which seem to be suboptimal for their 2020 devices. Here’s what we know about where Apple can get their 5G iPhone chips.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is said to be waiting for 2020 before it releases the 5G versions of its iPhone devices. Apple could buy 5G chips from other companies such as Huawei, MediaTek, Qualcomm and Intel. But getting the chip from Huawei is “off the table,” while MediaTek’s 5G technology is still behind, according to the report.

In addition, Apple still has to settle some disputes with Qualcomm if they want to get their 5G technology. Lastly, Apple could also get their technology from buying out Intel’s modem line, but they will have to finish the technology on their own.

Apple’s choices will have to do improvements on the 5G chips first before they can start making their own 5G capable iPhone this year. The worst case scenario is that Apple can aim for a 2019 device release but it won’t come with optimal 5G feature. Apple is known to push out devices at their best form, making it more likely for the company to take more time in making a great product.

So far, Apple has yet to confirm any updates about the development of their next line of smartphones and other devices for 2019. Their CES 2019 show only revealed the company’s focus on developing and improving their services on all smart devices. Moreover, the March event in Cupertino also stated this interest once more, with only a short tease about their upcoming devices.

Apple head Tim Cook said that the new devices from Apple are expected to impress the waiting fans upon release. However, Apple didn’t reveal any important details about these new products. Features, release dates, and even the device names were not mentioned in the announcement.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Apple to share their plans regarding the next iPhone release.