Xur is back! Courtesy/Bungie

It’s Friday and Xur is back in Bungie’s shooter “Destiny!” The Agent of Nine can be found in the Tower this weekend. He showed up early on Friday morning and will leave at 1AM PDT on Sunday.

This week, Xur’s inventory includes the Crest of Alpha Lupi, Voidfang Vestments, No Land Beyond, Exotic Shard, Radiant Dance Machines and Exotic Engram. Players can also upgrade their armor, including Kuncklehead Radar, Achlyophage Symbiote, An Insurmountable Skullfort, Crest of Alpha Lupi, Sunbreakers and Voidfang Vestments.

Xur's location. Courtesy/FindXur.com

Weapons that can be upgraded include Hard Light, Bad Juju, MIDA Multi-Tool, The last Word, Invective, Plan C and Monte Carlo.

Meanwhile, Bungie is preparing its “House of Wolves” expansion pack, which is set for release sometime during April or June. “House of Wolves” will involve hunting the Fallen members of the House of Wolves who have betrayed the Queen of the Reef.

Earlier this month, a leak on Reddit gave a number of details about the upcoming downloadable content, which included new weapons, gear and a light level cap raise.