Xur This Week In 'Destiny'
Xur has returned in "Destiny," but he may have been too busy with Crimson Days or Valentine's Day based on his stock of exotic items. Bungie

Not even "Destiny" could escape Valentine's Day. The timed Crimson Days event began Tuesday followed by some major news from Activision Blizzard Thursday. But the weekend is ahead, which means Xur is back peddling his exotic items in "Destiny." The elusive merchant opened for business at 5 a.m. EST Friday with armor and engrams galore. Act fast, because Xur's Valentine's Day means the merchant is closing up at 5 a.m. EST.

Xur can be found at the newly decorated Tower to the right. Just follow the corridor and the merchant will be hanging out by end of the platform. Of late, Xur has kept it pretty eclectic with a gun, some armor and an engram thrown in for good measure. Two weeks ago, Xur was packing the Thunderlord gun and followed that up with the Suros Regime auto rifle last week. This week, it looks like Xur was a bit busy with other plans.

Xur Exotic Items For Sale

  • Leg Armor: Peregrine Greaves (Titan)
  • Helmet: Celestial Nighthawk (Hunter)
  • Helmet: Obsidian Mind (Warlock)
  • Exotic Gauntlet Engram (19 Strange Coin)
  • Legacy Helmet Engram (29 Strange Coin)

It's a bit ho-hum, but there could be a few items that are intriguing based on an individual's play style. Instead of a weapon, Xur is offering an engram for a Year Two gauntlet or a Year One helmet that a player doesn't already have.

Themed events like this week's Crimson Days were going to be what players should expect from "Destiny" instead of larger expansions such as last year's "The Taken King" or "House of Wolves," according to reports. The lack of downloadable content was a shift in focus to get "Destiny 2" ready for 2017 after it was delayed by Bungie. Plans for "Destiny" changed again Thursday when Activision Blizzard announced a large expansion will be coming out in 2016 followed by a sequel in 2017.

"The team is focused on delivering a large expansion later this year, and a full Destiny sequel in 2017," Bungie wrote in its weekly update. There will also be a large update in the spring that will include new gear, more experiences, additional PvE challenges and a Light increase.