London and Logan seem most likely to be eliminated in Venice, Italy unless they find a way to finally break through and not be at the bottom of the pack on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

Six teams are left when it comes to season 29 of “The Amazing Race,” and as the competition starts winding down into the final legs, teams may start to focus on one another when it comes to cutthroat decision making in the scramble to make it to the final leg.

Spoiler Alert: The ending of the Season 29, Episode 6 “Double U-Turn Ahead” Is Discussed Below

Season 29’s teams of strangers have dealt with some drama as they’ve learned to work together with people they only met at the starting line, but with the $1 million getting closer to their grasps, the racers are starting to put their differences with their partners aside and focusing on how best to play the game in general. Everyone worked together well in Lake Como, Italy in their efforts to make sure Vanck and Ashton were eliminated during the Double U-Turn, but with other U-Turns likely not appearing for the rest of the game, the teams will need to strategize more than ever if they want to make it to the end.

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Of course, at least three more teams will fall before the final leg arrives, and while some teams seem certain to make it to the final leg at this point, others seem to be less likely to get there. Here’s our ranking of where we think the teams will fall when the race heads to Venice—and which team seems most likely to find themselves eliminated.

Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce (#TeamFun)

Becca and Floyd should be safe through the leg in Venice, Italy on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

Strong competitors since the beginning, Becca and Floyd managed to pull off their highly-coveted first place finish in Lake Como, beating Matt and Redmond by mere seconds thanks to their boat securing to a dock first.

Though it was their first first-place finish, they have by no means been near the bottom of the pack at all, usually finishing in the top three or four teams. They’re also well-liked by every other team because of their fun and easy-going personalities, and because they helped turn the Double U-Turn into a single one, ensuring that Ashton and Vanck couldn’t turn another team around as well. If teams begin trying to stab one another in the back to increase their own chances, these two are likely to be the last team to get attacked.

Matt Ladley And Redmond Ramos (#TheBoys)

Matt and Redmond should be safe through the leg in Venice, Italy on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

These two are itching for a first place leg, and for good reason. They have also been near the top throughout the entire race, even handling being U-Turned by Vanck and Ashton in Africa with ease, completing both Detours before even half of their fellow teams managed to finish their one. They’re by far the strongest competitors and only missed out on their first place finish in Lake Como because of a boat captain who failed to secure them to the dock as quickly as Becca and Floyd’s did. Though there are no guarantees they’ll still get a first place finish, it’s a safe bet they’ll continue on through to the finish line.

Tara Carr and Joey Covino (#TeamMomandDad)

Tara and Joey should be safe through the leg in Venice, Italy on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

Tara and Joey slipped a bit in Italy, placing third after two first-place legs in a row. However, there is no reason to suspect that these two will suddenly find themselves near the bottom as they remained in front of the other teams throughout nearly the entire leg, and only seemed to have fallen because of their choice in Detour, which was more time-consuming than the other, allowing a few other teams to pass by them in the end. They’re still strong competitors overall, so they should likely have a good chance at still making it past the next leg, especially since it is still in Italy, and Tara can speak Italian, which may be an advantage for them.

Liz Espey and Michael Rado (#TeamLizandMike)

Liz and Mike are most likely safe through the leg in Venice, Italy on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

After a very rough and tense end to their leg in Norway, Liz and Mike decided to make up and put their stressful experience behind them as they focused on continuing the race. Deciding to do that seemed to be the right move for them to make, as they managed to finish fourth. Though they’re technically in the bottom half of the pack now, they still have a chance at survival beyond Venice. They’ve surprised everyone with their strength in the past, and if they find that again, they could prove to be unstoppable.

In addition, the other teams may feel like they owe them because they were the ones to officialy U-Turn Vanck and Ashton, proving they would keep their word on the pact.

Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary (#TeamBrookeandScott)

Brooke and Scott are most likely safe through the leg in Venice, Italy, but not necessarily much longer than that on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

Though they worked better together this leg (minus Brooke getting freaked out during the rock climbing Detour and worrying that Scott did not have her back), and they worked well with the other teams in the mass effort to get Vanck and Ashton out of the Race, they still have yet to prove themselves to be a stronger team overall, consistently being near the middle or bottom of the pack. By sheer luck, they should make it through the next leg, but things don’t look so good for them afterwards.

Logan Bauer and London Kaye (#TeamLoLo)

They may be everyone’s favorite team besides #TeamFun, but Logan and London have always been near the back of the pack, unable to break through even once. While they have the ability to do it, things have seemed to be against them actually succeeding with overtaking the others. They may need to start playing dirty if they not only want to ensure they can stay in the race through the next leg, but make it to the finals as well.

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