Whitney Houston Greeting Card
When a celebrity dies, skeletons can and do come out of the closet; but, despite whatever sort of sordid past that individual might have had, jokes at the deceased individual's expense are quite taboo. That is why a Whitney Houston greeting card has been pulled from the shelves at target for its offensive nature. Reuters

Though the autopsy of Whitney Houston's body has finally been completed, the cause of death may not be revealed for several weeks. Not even the usual inconclusive placeholder is forthcoming at this time, E! Online reported Sunday evening.

The Beverly Hills Police Department, the agency in charge of the investigation, has placed a security hold on the conclusions determined by the autopsy.

Nothing is being released at this time, said John Kades of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner in an E! report.

Authorities issued an earlier statement that there were no obvious signs of criminal intent.

Houston's body was discovered by members of her entourage on Saturday afternoon. She was found unconscious in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Police sealed the room that Houston died in so that they could obtain a search warrant. Though they would have been able to seize any items in plain view, they intend to search the room top to bottom. Police are interested in whether illegal drugs were present in the room.

Details about the autopsy are not being revealed because officials believe that the information could affect the investigation. The last time such a famous figure died and caused a long investigation of this nature was Michael Jackson in 2009.

Holding information concerning an autopsy a normal part of procedure for a coroner's office. Typically, the coroner's office confirms that the autopsy proved inconclusive pending results from a toxicology test; however, a security hold manages to release even slightly less information than the inconclusive placeholder.

We'll keep you updated as information continues to trickle out.