Andrew Wardle has been the subject of headlines in the U.S. and U.K. for months. The 40-year-old Brit rose to fame after going public about having been born without a penis.

Amid all the coverage surrounding his on-going struggle with a rare condition called bladder exstrophy, Wardle was chosen to star in a special Discovery Life documentary. As we previously reported, the show was to be called “The Man With No Penis,” and would follow him over the course of one year as he confessed to friends, family and former love interests the secret he had been hiding for decades. The show also reportedly showed him undergoing various procedures and meeting others who suffer with the same condition. Unfortunately it appears Discovery has decided to scrap the hour-long special.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, TLC plans to pick up the show on their network later this summer. They have not, however, announced when viewers can expect that. Rather than air “The Man With No Penis,” Discovery Life will play a repeat of its hit show “Body Bizarre” on June 13. They have not given a reason for not airing Wardle’s special.

So just who is “The Man With No Penis?” Here’s everything we know about Andrew Wardle.

1. At birth, he was diagnosed with a rare condition called bladder exstrophy. From infancy Wardle’s bladder was growing outside of his body. After 15 surgeries, doctors managed to correct the issue. Although his bladder is now inside his body where it belongs, he was left with no penis.

2. After giving birth to him, Andrew’s mother decided to give him up. He was taken in by a woman named Pam, who had been his nurse in the hospital. Wardle was raised by her and her husband Mike, according to The Mirror.

3. As he grew and developed into a man, Andrew found that his body developed testicles even without having a penis.

4. Despite having no penis, he claims he’s always been confident with women. In an interview with The Mirror, Wardle said he always “had a lot of girlfriends” growing up. He said hitting on girls helped him to “fit in." He said he went from girl to girl as a way of coping.

“I used girls to fit in, and I’d hop from one to the other. It wasn’t a good thing to do, but it felt like the only way to cope at the time,” he said.

5. For many years he managed to avoid being intimate with his partners. Rather than share with his many girlfriends the details about his condition, Andrew developed ways of avoiding it. He said he came up with various strategies so that he would not have to have sex with his girlfriends including ending the relationship before it got too serious and compensating his female suitors “in other ways.”

“I’d always stop right before it got to the sex stage,” he said. “You learn how to make up for it in other ways.”

His tricks must have worked. At 40 years old Wardle claims to have "been to bed" with over 100 women.

6. He now has a long term girlfriend. While living the single life, going to parties and the like, Wardle stumbled across a woman named Fedra Fabian. Fabian, who is from Budapest, was also working in a holiday camp at the time. She said she was “drawn to him right away.”

7. Andrew was able to keep his condition a secret from Fedra for about a year. Wardle would tell the 25-year-old he had kidney infections whenever she initiated sexual activity, according to Cosmopolitan. He eventually changed his story, telling her had a microchip implanted in his kidneys so she would stay as far away as possible.

Fedra eventually moved in with Andrew, where they continued their relationship without having sex. He later confessed. Although she was shocked about his initial revelation, she has been a pillar of support for Andrew through this entire process. The pair have now been dating for upwards of three years.

8. Doctors are hopeful they can eventually give Andrew a fully functioning penis. Wardle and a team of doctors are currently looking into a complex — and painful — new surgery that would give him a working penis for the first time in his life. The surgery would involve taking skin from his forearm and using it to construct the sex organ. The penis will operate using a special pump and will need to be inflated before he is able to have sexual intercorse.

His medical team would like to have the procedure done by 2016. Although it seems promising, Andrew isn’t allowing himself to get too excited. He claimed it would “be nice” to be able to discover new things in the bedroom with Fedra, but he’s “not thinking about the final outcome just yet.”

“If I put any expectation on it, I could just be in for a huge let down, so I’m just taking it as it comes,” he said.