Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus filed a restraining order against a "delusional" fan. Reuters

Miley Cyrus filed for an emergency restraining order after a “delusional” fan believed the 21-year-old singer was communicating with him through the radio, TMZ reports. He refused stop attempting to meet her and said his life was at stake.

Devon Meek, 24, was arrested on May 16 by the Los Angeles Police Department's Threat Management Unit during an attempt to meet the pop star. Perhaps taking her song “Adore You” a bit too personally, Meek reportedly believes Cyrus told him she “adores” him.

Meek has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Cyrus.

"Mr. Meek stated that when he is released from the hospital, he will not stop seeking Ms. Cyrus and that he will continue to go to Ms. Cyrus' residence until Ms. Cyrus accepts him or he dies," according to an official statement obtained by the Associated Press.

Meeks said in a sworn statement to police they should shoot him in the head if they would not let him see the former “Hannah Montana” star. The obsessed fan was placed in a mental hospital where he currently resides. Meek also reportedly hears “screaming voices” in his head.

Cyrus, who is pretty vocal on Twitter, did not comment on the restraining order against her fan. Some believe, however, that she did write a comment in reference to the barfing anecdote Jennifer Lawrence told Seth Meyers during an interview.

According to the Oscar-winner, she drank too much and (literally) spilled her guts at an Academy Awards after-party. The punchline of her anecdote was that Cyrus was standing behind her and told her to “get it together.” After Lawrence’s interview went viral, Cyrus tweeted “that. never. happened,” though it’s not clear if she was referencing the “American Hustle” star’s messy Oscar story.