It’s no secret that "One Direction" fans are upset with the Channel 4 documentary, but now, nearly a dozen Larry Shippers -- a sub-fan group of 1D -- apparently committed suicide after “Crazy About One Direction” aired.

So who is Larry Shippers? That answer involves more of a “what” than a “who.” It’s a sub-group of 1D fans who fantasize about a “bromance,” or hidden love or some kind of fictional relationship between two of the band's members, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, according to

It hasn’t been verified if the rumor is true, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

#RIPLarryShippers has been trending on Twitter, along with #THISISNOTUS in relationship to the One Direction documentary, which paints “Directioners” and “Larry Shippers” and over-obsessed fans addicted to Twitter and their favorite boy band.

One of their fans in the “CrazyAbout One Direction” documentary said she would not want to date one of the boys because of the Twitter backlash she’d most-likely face: "I wouldn’t like girls telling me to die and stuff."

Another girl, as quoted by, said Twitter was like a drug addiction: “All you have to do is log into Twitter and it’s like feeding your addiction constantly.” While another added, “I got braces because Zayn got braces. I didn’t even need braces.”

Check out some of their tweets below, which state that 14 Larry Shippers are dead in the documentaries wake:

THIS IS PERFECT #riplarryshippers