Natalia Kills
Natalia Kills (pictured with husband Willy Moon) faced a Twitter backlash after she harshly criticized an "X Factor" contestant. Getty

Former “X Factor” New Zealand judge Natalia Kills thinks contestant Joe Irvine was horrendous, but multiple celebrities have turned the tables on the singer after she bullied the contestant during a live taping of the show. The audience booed Kills throughout her negative comments. Kills’ name soon became a top-trending topic on Twitter, but the funniest part of all was most people didn’t even know who she was.

Kills is a British singer whose real name is Natalia Noemi Cappuccini-Sinclair. Her first album, "Perfectionist," was released in 2011. Her second, "Trouble," debuted in September 2013.

But many Twitter users who came across her name didn’t know her.

To quickly bring everyone into the loop, Kills, 28, claimed Irvine was unoriginal and it disgusted her. “Do you not have any value or respect for originality?” she said.

But Irvine shouldn’t take the demeaning comments to heart. Stars like Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding took to Twitter to defend him.

“Don't worry about what anyone else says man. Enjoy yourself with it, that's what singing is about, not what other people think,” Sheeran, 24, tweeted. The message was shared more than 8,000 times and favorited more than 12,500 times by his 12.8 million followers.

Goulding, 28, shared a similar sentiment, but also echoed the questions proposed by perplexed Twitter users. “You sort of have to be, you know, vaguely relevant to have your style stolen just saying,” she wrote. The tweet was ultimately deleted, but has gone viral on Twitter. She later followed up with another message.

“Can't stop myself from commenting on NZ X factor situation because I can't stop thinking about how mean it was. Thank goodness they're gone,” she said.

Both Kills and her husband, Willy Moon, who also bullied Irvine, were fired from the show. Replacements have not yet been announced.

This story has been corrected to say Natalia Kills was a judge on "X Factor." It originally said she was a host.