Chris Terry is the CEO and CO-Founder of IM mastery academy. Chris Terry, or ‘The Panda,’ is an American businessman, trader, investor, and philanthropist from New York, NY. He first started working in the construction business and soon owned his own construction company. He then got introduced to the financial markets and the power of trading.

Chris Terry
Chris Terry Chris Terry

Chris Terry founded IM mastery academy (formerly IML) with Isis Terry on July 4th, 2013.

He wondered, "How can I take wall street to the main street?" and "How can I assist in educating people about the financial markets?"

About Chris Terry

Since 1995, Chris Terry has been trading futures contracts, forex currencies, and equities in the markets. In 2013, IM mastery academy emerged. With multiple Academies and over 100 educators teaching about the forex, digital currency and e-commerce markets in over 13 languages, IM Academy is a cutting-edge online educational platform that has introduced many customers to the marketplaces that changed Chris' life 25 years ago.

About IM Academy

IM Academy's story is simple:

"We empower people. We give meaning & purpose. we believe real change begins with positive self-talk & thinking, that finding happiness starts within."

IM Academy is an online educational platform that aims to teach distinct methods through live classes to make it simpler to understand forex, digital currency, high frequency, and e-commerce markets. Chris Terry and Isis Terry launched the academy in 2013. Don't pass up the chance to enroll in IM Academy if you're searching for an educational platform to learn more about the financial markets.

IM Academy offers multiple forms of education, including:

  • Learning Academies - The academies offer courses on how to learn more about the financial markets. They give specialized education in forex, digital currency, high frequency and e-commerce markets.
  • Live mentorship - With specialized goLIVE training from a team of master educators dedicated to your success, you can accelerate your growth and learning.
  • Strategies - Expand your learning and mentorship with simple methods that might make it much simpler to understand the markets.

Chris Terry created IM Academy out of a passion for teaching customers more about financial education. IM Academy is an innovative learning platform where information can be learned by anyone! If you want to learn more about IM academy and the education it provides, enroll in the academy today!

IM Academy does not offer access to online platforms for investment or online trading. International Markets Live Inc. is not liable for any loss or damage, including, without limitation, any loss of profit. IM Academy, its independent business owners, and educators do not provide personalized recommendations or advice on investment strategy, nor do they provide any regulated financial services, act as a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer.