Remember those Christmas mornings when you rushed downstairs to unwrap those boxes people got you for the holidays? That’s exactly how people feel with mystery boxes.

These things trigger the element of surpise and offer great fun to those who receive these intriguing packages. Like presents during the holidays or on your birthday, the excitement comes from the fact that you’ll never know what you’ll get.

Surprise, Surprise!

Mystery boxes take gift-unwrapping to the next level. Gone are the times when you'd end up with useless gifts. These boxes are curated to ensure that you are only getting the best items that will be useful and will brighten your day.

Each provider caters to a certain product range or niche market. Each one stands out from the others with the themes their mystery boxes offer. You may get a makeup-themed mystery box, a box specially curated for wine lovers and even go rogue and get something totally out of this world! With mystery boxes, you can never really tell what you’ll get unless you rip those tapes off when they land on your doorstep.

What Do You Want, Breo?

Breo Box A fun mystery box subscription service! Photo:

BREO BOX brands itself as a subscription service -- ala Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime -- for mystery boxes. The company brings you curated items that you never thought you needed. Its mystery boxes are filled with items ranging from gadgets, fitness-related items and must-haves in the home goods section of your favorite department store. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s definitely a mystery box perfect for you!

Good Surprise For Yourself

Breo Boxes Something to keep you excited for the coming days - mystery boxes! Photo:

At BREO BOX, you’ll have the option to subscribe to a seasonal plan or an annual plan. The Seasonal Plan gives you a box containing five to eight carefully picked items that fit the season. These products can range from goods you need to maintain your health or keep you active, as well as useful gadgets for your own entertainment.

The Annual Plans give you more in terms of boxes you’ll receive and the items inside. If you decide to subscribe to this plan, you can get four mystery boxes a year. These boxes also contain around five to eight products. It also comes with items that could be everyday essentials, gadgets or something that can help you stay fit! If you want a year-round surprise for yourself, this is definitely the plan to go for.

Give One As A Gift

Gift Share the gift of mystery to a loved one today! Photo: Pixabay / Pexels

A mystery box is also a great item to gift a friend or a family member. Remember the times when you sweat it out just to find the perfect gift? Well, a mystery box can definitely help you out of such a dilemma. 

BREO BOX also offers you the option to give a mystery box to a loved one or an acquaintance. You can opt to give a seasonal box, two-season mystery gift boxes, three-season mystery gift boxes and four-season mystery gift boxes. Like a regular subscription, your loved ones will be treated to a fine line of useful products ranging from fitness, tech and household goods.

The Joy of Mysteries

If you want to infuse some excitement to your occasional shopping, it is time to get a mystery box. Get into the bandwagon and subscribe to a service today to experience first-hand why many are getting addicted to this craze!