Miley Cyrus must have bought her younger sister Noah a One Direction onesie for Christmas, because two days later she was seen rocking the nighttime romper in public.

It’s safe to say that the young Hollywood actress isn’t going to be at the top of the latest fashion trend, however.

Tweeters took to the mini blog to share their disgust for the One Direction intimate apparel that the younger Cyrus sister decided to wear out on the town.

“Whats worse the fact that noah cyrus is in a one direction onesie or the fact that her sister is rich enough to buy her fashionable clothing,” @liamswhale wrote.

The post was retweeted over 400 times, helping to make “Noah Cyrus” a trending topic on the social website.

Others joined in to talk about the “Ponyo” star’s fashion choice:

One user wrote, “Noah Cyrus has money to but as much clothes as she wants but she chooses to go out with an One Direction onesie.”

Another posted, “Noah Cyrus hunni im sure u got urself some cute outfits in that billion dollar closet fit for a 12 yr old dnt do this.”

“Noah cyrus posted an instagram picture of her wearing her one direction onesie i have secondhand embarrassment,” lamented a tweeter.

But not everyone was getting down on Cyrus for her choice to wear the One Direction onesie, others decided to defend the 12-year-old.

A tweeter who is also a fan of Miley and uses the Twitter handle @MileyStats wrote, “Stop making fun of Noah Cyrus. She likes 1D & wore an onesie, so what? Leave her alone and quit hating on a 12 year old. That's pathetic.”

Typically, the only time wearing a onesie in public is acceptable is for infants, but considering her Hollywood status and proclaimed love for One Direction, Cyrus seems to think it’s perfectly okay to don the piece where everyone can see it.