Princess Diana lovingly referred to Prince Harry as her little Spencer shortly after he was born.

According to E! News, the late Princess of Wales was so enamored with the Duke of Sussex’s thatch of red hair that bore a striking resemblance to her sister Sarah when she was much younger.

And when Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William, she couldn’t also contain her excitement over having a boy as her first child. Princess Diana’s mom Frances and sister Jane were the first two members of the Spencer family to visit the young royal at St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing.

After their visit, Frances told reporters that Prince William was lovely and that there was so much happiness inside the room. Grandpa John, 8th Earl Spencer, told reporters that Prince William was the most beautiful baby he has ever seen.

Growing up, Princess Diana and Prince Charles noticed how different Prince William and Prince Harry’s personalities were. Earl Spencer once told Andrew Morton that the press has always written Prince William up as the terror, while Prince Harry was the quiet second son of the royal couple.

When they were younger, it was the Duke of Cambridge that had the reputation of being an attention-seeking and demanding troublemaker.

“In fact, William is a very self-possessed, intelligent, and mature boy, and quite shy. He is quite formal and stiff, sounding older than his years when he answers the phone,” he said.

Unfortunately for the royal siblings, they only have memories to remember their mom by. Princess Diana passed away on Aug. 31, 1997, following a fatal car crash in Paris. Following her death, Prince William and Prince Harry made it a point to continue her legacy.

Julia Samuel, one of Princess Diana’s closest friends told Daily Mail that the biggest tragedy is the fact that the Princess of Wales never got to witness how successful and inspiring her sons have become. She would have been proud of them.