The popular and free online encyclopedia Wikipedia plans to change the way people contribute to some of its entries, and will also be getting a $2 million cash infusion.

The organization behind Wikipedia is getting a $2 million commitment from a philanthropic investment group started by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Omidyar Network's grant will be used over two years and is to support Wikimedia Foundation's key goals of bringing free educational content to people around the world and of supporting more people to help create that content.

Meanwhile, the site also announced changes to its site. It will now limit changes to articles about people who are still living. Any changes to such articles by readers will have to be approved by an “editor” – likely a trained volunteer – before they appear on the page.

Wikipedia has already tested this new feature on its German-language edition, was approved by a poll of users, the organization said.

Through this, Wikipedia hopes to stop pranksters or other people from writing in news that a celebrity has died, for example, when they are in fact still living.