Mad Croc Game
Mad-Croc energy drink created its own game called "Mad Croc," and now it's giving away $100,000 in an eSports tournament. Mad-Croc

At Gamescom 2015 energy drink company Mad-Croc launched a mobile game, also called “Mad Croc.” Now Mad-Croc is running a global esports competition for the game, announcing on Wednesday that the winner will take home a $100,000 prize.

The “Mad Croc” game is described as “an endless runner,” where you control a crocodile in various rivers around the world and battle animals like fish and birds, a Russian submarine, and an “Egyptian god.” Players can collect powerups and upgrades to strengthen their crocodile, of which there are nine to choose from.

The competition starts on October 1 and runs through the whole month. So how do you win this huge prize? Basically, players have to get the highest score “by swimming as far as possible in the game.” More detailed rules will be announced on September 28 via the games’ website.

“Our vision is to create a global competition in which anybody anywhere can compete and win,” said Mad-Croc CEO Ari Koivula, in a statement. “Our Mad-Croctober contest will give away the heftiest prize in mobile game history to one skilled winner.”

The “Mad Croc” game is currently available on iOS and Android. If you haven’t already played you still have a month to brush up on your skills before the competition starts. Good luck and have fun!