Microsoft windows 10
With its Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is going for a cleaner, simpler interface, and the OS' Intel Skylake chips will support exciting new technologies. Microsoft

The personal computing world is abuzz with excitement generated by the approaching Windows 10 release date set by Microsoft for July 29. But beyond the specs and features packed with the operating system, it is really the upcoming technologies that will make the difference, a new report said.

To be introduced with Windows 10 is the new generation of Intel processing chips called Skylake that according to Bob O’Donnell of Techpinions will be a platform that will give birth to exciting new technologies for PCs. Another notable addition is Thunderbolt 3.0, which will serve as the backbone of USB Type C connectors in the system.

“The combination of all these technologies will lead to not only the best performing PCs we’ve seen, but also the most capable, most flexible, and most expandable as well," O’Donnell wrote in the blog report.

The combo of Windows 10 and Skylake CPU, for instance, will soon see the release of notebooks with powerful batteries, which also supports wireless charging, as the Techpinions blog noted that “the companion chipsets launching with Skylake are also going to enable several key new system-level capabilities including wireless charging.”

Performance boost can also be expected on the graphic engine and DRAM department of future PCs, as the Skylake architecture is fully designed for the blazing-fast DDR4 memory module, the report said.

Windows fans can also look forward to significant increase on computing capability, traditional and mobile, and throughput, as Thunderbolt 3.0 and Windows 10 work together on the optimal implement of USB Type C connectors in the platform. Among the benefits that the duo will deliver are the breakneck data transfer speed of 40 gigabytes per second and “up to two daisy-chained 4K displays.”

The new ecosystem that Windows 10 will create, plus the technologies it is capable of supporting, will be the highlight of the new Microsoft operating system, which will be showcased by next-generation PC units. Already, this is coming to light, as exemplified by the new machines introduced by Asus and Dell at the 2015 Computex in Taiwan this week, BGR reported.

The devices presented have high-end specs that the report said will surely reach their full potential once Windows 10 starts firing them up. That likely will happen shortly after July 29 -- the appointed release date for the Microsoft OS.