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Speculations are rife that Microsoft will add newer features to Windows 10 Mobile OS through Redstone updates. The new updates will be available for both desktop and mobile version of Windows 10.

For Windows 10 Mobile users, the Redstone will be available in two parts. The Redstone 1 update will be available to the users by May or June. The RS1 update will carry newer features and performance enhancements. The Redstone 2 update will come to the users by November or December. The RS2 update will be made available to improve the usability features, Nokia Power User reported.

Rumors have it that the soon to be released Build 1088 for Windows 10 Mobile users is going to be a Redstone update. Starting this month, more test builds of Redstone update are going to be available to the users.

Microsoft is expected to unleash following new features through Redstone updates:

Homescreen and Lockscreen Customizations

The homescreen on Windows 10 Mobile is currently only available in Portrait mode. The upcoming Redstone build is likely to bring landscape mode to the users. The Homescreen will also let users to resize live tiles in more number of sizes. The lockscreen is also likely to deliver newer improvements.

Feature-rich Action Center

The Action Center is all set to receive major changes to include more options. It will allow users to control the music player and also check the progress of downloaded items.

Seamless Windows 10 Experience Across Multiple Devices

The Redmond based firm wants to enhance Windows 10 experience across multiples device with same Microsoft account. This will be achieved by making it possible to launch an app on a PC or phone and then resume working on the same app on a different Windows 10 device.

Cortana To Become Smarter

Apart from sending text messages, the Cortana voice assistant will allow users to make phone calls through PC.

Native Apps To Receive Improvements

The native apps available on Windows 10 such as Outlook Mail, File Explorer, OneDrive and others are speculated to receive upgraded features. For example, new features such as automatic enhancements and automatic album creation are likely to be available on the Photos app.