lumia 950 update
A Windows 10 Mobile update caused Lumia 950 low-storage warnings. Microsoft responded by pulling the update from servers. Paul McDougall/International Business Times

Microsoft has been forced to pull a software update after it caused havoc with customers' devices. An update for Windows 10 Mobile, version 10586.29, was removed from update servers on Monday after a small amount of Lumia 950 owners received false low-storage notifications after upgrading.

It wasn't the worst of some users' worries. Others found the software update process never moved beyond zero percent, while some never saw the update in the first place. Microsoft responded on its own forum after a lengthy thread started on Wednesday reached 25 pages.

"The team is working on fixes and improvements to the upgrade experience in the short term and with future releases," said Mike Mongeau, Microsoft support forum moderator. "In the meantime, we have unpublished the 10586.29 update for Windows 10 Mobile from our public update servers while we work through these reports."

Mongeau said those Lumia 950s with the low-storage notification can "safely ignore this message," while those with pending updates should leave the phone plugged in as it downloads and installs the items.

Users who have already installed the Lumia 950 update without a hitch need not worry. They will still receive future updates, and there is no reason to worry about the update currently installed.

The news is a bad sign for Microsoft, which needs to convince mobile customers that the upgrade process is hassle-free. The company has struggled to gain market share in the mobile sector, with Windows running on less than 3 percent of devices, according to IDC.