During the most recent Microsoft event, the Cupertino-based tech titan unveiled a slew of exciting products and upgrades. One of these is Windows 10X, which at that time, was vaguely introduced. Today, a new set of details surfaced online, and it gives us a picture of what Windows 10X will be about.

The leak, shared by The Walking Cat on Twitter, revealed some of the interesting details about Windows 10X, including the confirmation that it will be available on traditional PC and laptop form factors. Additionally, it showcased a more refined variant of user interface with so much likeness to that of Chrome OS. The tipster found the latest details from a public-facing Azure website, which was quickly removed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Pro
A new kickstand mode might be available for the Surface Pro reboot that won't be found in current models out in the market. Pictured: Fans draw custom designed football uniforms on Microsoft Surface Pro screens at the NFL Experience on January 29, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Getty Images/Tim Warner

Other features of the Windows 10X includes support for laptops and for both foldable and clamshell devices. The system's taskbar will be the same as the base model with levers, which can be utilized to create several alternatives in the model. The launcher also changes the Start Menu, just like what Microsoft promised earlier.

The new Windows 10X introduced a seamlessly integrated Search with web results, apps, and specific files on the devices. This can be customized and altered to cater to the user's needs and preferences. Also, the recommended content is actively updated base on the user's recent and most frequently used files, apps, and websites.

Windows 10X also improves Windows Hello every time the screen is turned on, and authentication is quickly presented. Compared to Windows 10, where users have to dismiss the lock curtain before authenticating, with Windows 10X, Windows Hello Face instantly identifies the user and will quickly transition to desktop. It also brings modern file explorer. At this point, it's not yet clear why the Redmond-based tech giant has not yet changed the legacy File Explorer in Windows 10X, which will introduce Modern File Explorer.

Moreover, Windows 10X introduces a simplified version of the taskbar. Quick Settings are currently found in the Action Center pane in Windows 10. Windows 10X promises to offer an intuitive process for users to gain access to their settings.