• Microsoft explained that the Windows Sun Valley reference was a mistake
  • The OS update will co-exist with Windows 10 after launch
  • Microsoft will unveil its next major update on the June 24 event

Windows 11 could actually be Windows Sun Valley according to a recent leak in which Microsoft inadvertently published the name of its next major OS update.

Disproving previous rumors that claimed the next Microsoft major update is Windows 11, the software giant on Tuesday accidentally published what could be a name for the Windows 10 successor.

The support document published by Microsoft says that testing is underway and mentions two versions of Windows, namely Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley. The reference to the Windows Sun Valley page was later taken down by the company. The software giant also explained that the page included the Windows Sun Valley by mistake, Beta News reported.

Windows followers are now looking at two possibilities. Windows Sun Valley could just be an internal name for Microsoft’s next major OS update, or the company had no intention of leaking the name of its next OS version.

The report on the published support document invalidates the rumors that Microsoft will launch its next operating system as Windows 11.

Speculations also suggest Windows Sun Valley could prove that Microsoft will adopt Apple’s pattern in naming its future versions of operating systems.  Apple currently uses geographic tags in naming its computers’ operating system such as the current macOS Monterey.

Meanwhile, as the published support page referred to both the Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley, Microsoft might not ditch its existing operating system, reports said. The search page hints that Windows 10 will co-exist with Windows Sun Valley.

This means that Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 even after the launch of its successor. Windows later added that the software giant could do different updates for both the enterprise and mainstream audience this year.

Recent reports claimed that the animated version of the June 24 invite hinted that the next Microsoft major update will be named Windows 11. Reports said the invite’s reflecting light view ignoring the horizontal bar on the window to make it appear like the number 11 hinted the name for the next OS.

Microsoft has not responded to the rumors yet. Followers may have to wait until the June 24 event to find out the next Windows version.

windows 10 led Windows 10 Photo: Getty