Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8

Within a month of its launch, Windows Phone 8 is attracting user complaints, especially with the Nokia and HTC handsets that run on the OS.

A discussion forum on WP Central notes how HTC X8 users are discussing their phones randomly rebooting while in use. Apart from HTC, Nokia Lumia 920 users also complained about reboots, lock ups and resets on Microsoft and Nokia support forums, Tech 2 has reported, adding battery life has also left many users disgruntled.

Hope is high that updates in future may fix these issues. Nokia appears to be in a damage control mode as it commenced replacing Lumia 920s for some users overnight. There is no official word on the issues from Microsoft, Nokia or HTC, though.

Besides, upgradation of Lumia 900 from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 has not met with much success either.

Instances of glitches being reported early on in devices are normal. If reboots and battery life are identified as software issues, they may be resolved with software patches that are released over a time. But if it is a hardware issue, the situation may turn tricky for companies.