A woman was caught on camera peeing on the floor of a supermarket in Australia. This is a representational image showing a person standing in front of a shelf with organic pastas in an organic supermarket in Saintes, Western France, on Oct. 23, 2018. Getty Images/Georges Gobet

In a "disgusting" incident that took place in Queensland, Australia, a woman in her 20s was caught on camera peeing on the floor of a supermarket. The CCTV images, which were posted by the Sun, shows the woman dropping her pants and squatting in Foodworks, Collinsville.

It was unclear when the incident took place. The video and photos of the incident were also shared on social media but later taken down.The supermarket wrote in the comments section of the now-deleted post: "If you need a toilet just ask. Don't pee on the floor of Foodworks please."

The woman was seen carrying a black bag on her right shoulder as she squats near the packaged food items and relieves herself in the middle of the floor. No other shoppers were seen near her when she carried out the act.

The woman was also allegedly caught on camera stealing items from the supermarket, the Sun reported.

Local police were reported about the incident and an investigation is currently underway into the woman's offensive behavior.

Social media users also condemned the woman for her irresponsible act.

“You just wonder at what point did she think that is OK," one user wrote, while another claimed: “I can’t believe this! What an absolute grub."

Someone also commented: “Disgusting. How hard is it to go to a public toilet?”

The latest incident comes just a month after a similar case occurred at a Red Rooster in Townsville, where a man was caught on camera pooping outside a fast food store. The owner of the store shared the footage asking people to help him identify the man.

The suspect was seen wearing a hat, striped shirt and blue shorts, as he sneaked around the back of the Red Rooster, squatting down behind the rubbish dumpsters, before defecating.

The franchise manager Michael Jones said the man defecated outside the fast food restaurant despite, there being public toilets available.

“Anyone know this disgusting person, who left a deposit at the back dock door to Red Rooster Mount Louisa on Sunday morning?" he asked in his post shared in December 2018. “There are (sic) public toilets in the complex so this was completely unnecessary and gross.”