A teenager was caught on camera spitting into a jar of salsa and putting it back on the shelf. A Snapchat video was posted on Facebook by user Grace Evans on Friday criticizing the act.

"This is what I see on Snapchat.. a girl spitting in salsa at Walmart and putting it back on the shelf.. like wtf.. idk how people can go to sleep peacefully at night after doing stuff like this for literally no reason.. This video isn’t to harm anyone, it’s just something I saw that has been bothering me all morning," Evans, a store clerk at QuikTrip in Kansas, wrote. 

Evans told local media KAKE that she did not post the video for it to go viral but wanted people's attention to warn them about such incidents. Evans also said she went to school with the girl who was in the video. However, the identity of the teenage girl in the video was not revealed.

“She was a very good person, very good,” Evans reportedly told of her friend to KAKE. “I mean, she did all her deeds in the leadership program that we were in, and she’s just kind of started rebelling lately so she’s definitely changed and it’s a letdown.”

In the video, the teen girl is seen as she spits in the salsa jar, closes it and shakes it before keeping it back in the shelf.

Thousands of Facebook viewers watched the video and slammed the teenager who was part of the video. 

"Thanks for sharing this is so f----- up and disgusting," one Facebook user commented on the video. Another user said, "Grace Evans it is disgusting and evil. Someone is going to buy that and eat it. That is horrible."

Evans replied that those involved in the video ended up buying the salsa. However, this could not be confirmed.

Walmart A sign hangs outside a Walmart store in Chicago, Jan. 11, 2018. Photo: Getty Images/Scott Olson