In a bizarre incident, a woman spotted her 'dead' ex-boyfriend at a local restaurant, years after his family claimed that he had died.

Rachel started dating her 21-year-old boyfriend when she was 18. The boyfriend was a chef at the local pub where the duo worked.

Three months into their relationship, the boyfriend came home one night with a broken hand. He had got into a fight that was not his fault, he claimed. He borrowed $1,000 from Rachel for expenses, while he took a break from work, reported ABC.

The couple decided to break up a few months later. Although he paid back $300, he stopped replying to Rachel's texts when she asked for the remaining $700.

Rachel smelled something fishy when her friends informed her that his furniture had started disappearing from the share-house he lived in.

"Furniture was gone, bed was gone, everything was gone," Rachel told ABC. "The initial story was he’d gone to rehab in Queensland. Although,  I never had the impression that he was a drug user."

On further investigation, she found out that he owed other people almost $2,200 in informal personal debt. Things took a peculiar turn when a friend called to inform Rachel that her ex-boyfriend had passed away. His mother had told his friends how her son was murdered because he owed money to a bike gang.

"If I called you and told you my mum died, you wouldn't be like, 'give me a death certificate,'" Rachel said.

Although Rachel wasn’t completely convinced, she grieved him.

Two years after his 'death', Rachel was at a local restaurant with her best friend where his ex-boyfriend's brother worked. Upon asking if he was working that night, a waitress said, "no, but his brother is."

The "brother" turned out to be none other than Rachel's presumed-to-be-dead ex-boyfriend.

"I just went into shock," she recalled.

Rachel and her friend were asked to leave the restaurant when they wanted to meet the ex-boyfriend.

Feeling betrayed and ghosted at the same time, Rachel decided to take the matter to the police. The authorities, however, could not help her. They also tried calling the restaurant and asked to speak with her ex-boyfriend but were told that nobody by that name worked there.

The same night, she got a message from her ex’s mother, this time to complain that the "scene" Rachel had caused at the restaurant had gotten her son fired.

Rachel gave up on getting her money back or confronting her ex-boyfriend. However, she bumped into him again years later at a different restaurant.

"I was like, 'long time no see!' And he went, 'Oh yeah, it has been a long time," she said.

On confronting him about the borrowed money, the ex-boyfriend denied the matter. Rachel wishes for an explanation on his whereabouts had the meeting not been so strange.