• Academics have noted the importance of religion and spirituality in the lives of many people and lack of psychological training in this regard.
  • These academics have proposed a more holistic approach to psychology which includes the religious and the spiritual as integral parts of the process of psychotherapy.
  • Sophie Frabotta is a seasoned spiritual mentor and healer who is pioneering new proprietary techniques in the field of psychology.

The academics Cassandra Vieten and David Lukoff have recently published a paper in which they acknowledge the importance of religion and spirituality and the integral nature of these things in human diversity. They argue that religion and spirituality “should be explicitly addressed in the field of psychology”. The field of psychology already includes religion and spirituality in its definitions of the term multiculturalism. Although multicultural training is generally conducted at a doctoral level this infrequently includes training in religious and spiritual diversity.

Polls which have been conducted of the American public indicate that religion and spirituality are important to the lives of most peoples. Additionally, hundreds of studies have been conducted which demonstrate the empirical link between religion and spirituality and peoples psychological health and mental well-being. There is also evidence that clients of psychologists would like to have their religious and spiritual needs addressed within psychotherapy. However, religious and spiritual issues are generally not discussed in psychotherapy and they are also typically excluded from assessment and treatment planning.

In the process of psychotherapy religion and spirituality are generally assessed with a single item regarding a patient's religion. On the whole, psychologists receive little to no training in religious and spiritual issues. This is partially caused by the fact that there is no generally agreed upon set of spiritual competencies or training guidelines. The article by Vieten and Lukoff summarizes the argument for including religious and spiritual competencies in the training and practice of psychology. This is reinforced by a review of the research which establishes a set of religious and spiritual competencies that the academics propose all psychologists should demonstrate. The article also provides practical suggestions for the inquiry into the religious and the spiritual.

Sophie Frabotta and Her Proprietary Techniques

Sophie Frabotta is a spiritual mentor, healer and life coach with over 15 years of experience in the industry. During the course of her career she has amassed well over 10,000 hours of one on one coaching, healing and mentoring with clients. This milestone was reached in the year 2020 and since then Frabotta has continued her practice. She is affectionately known as “the soul whisperer” by her clients because of the deep spiritual connection which she has and which she is able to facilitate in her clients.

Over the course of her career, Frabotta has developed a number of proprietary techniques blending spirituality with psychology. This includes the four R’s method which stands for: recognize, release, reprogram and radiate. This technique has been developed as a result of her thousands of hours of one on one spiritual coaching and leadership. Each R has a specific function to help clients deal with their trauma and come out the other side happier and healthier than before.

The first R, recognize, is important because recognizing what the core issue is helps tremendously with solving the problems which it creates. Frabotta finds that what often brings a client to her is not their deepest issue but another more surface level concern. She then digs deeper into the patient's concerns to find the core issue or issue that needs to be addressed. She also notes that this is typically where traditional therapy stops.

The second R, release gains its significance from the tremendous release which clients feel when they are able to tackle the core issue which has been plaguing them. Using a number of different healing methods, Frabotta helps her clients to move negative and outdated memories, emotions and fears out of the mind and the body. She finds that the release which her clients experience help to quiet the mental chatter which they may be experiencing and lead them to have a quieter, calmer mind.

The third R, reprogram, is vital because this is the stage in which Frabotta helps her clients to reprogram their minds to a new way of thinking and being. This process uses the mental space which was taken up by old traumas and replaces it with new, helpful mental processes to aid her clients in the healing process. This process involves defining what it is that the client desires and then creating the mental pathways to allow for this to occur in reality.

The fourth and final R, radiate, is the last step of the process and this revolves around radiating new and positive energy which has been unlocked as a result of the previous steps of the process. Her clients are able to go through life with “new empowered thoughts, feeling better in their mind, body and spirit”. These aspects of an individual are reinvigorated and revitalized. This is when Frabotta sees the true inner potential of her clients and they truly begin to blossom as individuals.

This four step technique has been developed by Frabotta over her career and she has been able to help thousands of people using these four steps. She has found that this formula can be applied to a great number of cases irrespective of the individual circumstances. She is then able to unlock the potential of her clients and help them to feel free and liberated from their trauma and their past experiences. This helps to quiet the noise in the mind and radiate a new and powerful energy of positivity and wholeness.

Final Thoughts

Sophie Frabotta has used her substantial experience as a spiritual healer, mentor and coach to develop multiple proprietary techniques in psychology. These techniques help to address the lack of spiritual and religious focus in modern psychology which was highlighted by the academics mentioned in the article. Frabotta’s four R’s have helped thousands of clients and she is continuing to use this technique to help many other people deal with their unhealed traumas and soul wounds. This is then replaced with positive energy and emotions to help her clients radiate health and mental well-being.