Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot will portray Diana Prince in the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie by DC. Here, the actress attended the Warner Bros. Presentation during Comic-Con International 2016 at San Diego Convention Center on July 23, 2016 in San Diego. Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Not everybody appreciated Zack Snyder’s movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and many have already expressed fear that Patty Jenkins’ upcoming “Wonder Woman” film will be similar.

But “Wonder Woman” producer Deborah Snyder assured fans that Diana Prince’s solo movie will be quite different from the recent DC Comics cinematic efforts.

“‘Wonder Woman’ is very different in tone and style than ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad,'” she told Variety. “We pick directors who have their own points of view, so that each of our films will have their own personality.”

Meanwhile, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said that Wonder Woman stands for love and justice, so they want their movie to be “hopeful” and “optimistic.”

On the other hand, Jenkins said that “Wonder Woman” has taken inspiration from the 1978 Richard Donner movie “Superman.”

“‘Superman’ was all about you,” said Jenkins. “It was about you watching and realizing what it would feel like to have great powers and do great things. It was full of love and emotion.”

The film’s lead star Gal Gadot has already sang praises for the upcoming movie, and it’s because the lead character is so inspirational.

“With this character, what I love about her so much is that her agenda is love. It’s not about fighting, it’s not about who is stronger than whom; it’s not about women versus men. It’s about love, and acceptance of others. She stands for love, justice and compassion,” she said during a chat with We Got This Covered.

Her leading man Chris Pine, who plays military man Steve Trevor, also feels the same way.

“I think what’s really fun and exciting about it... different about it, actually, is that there’s a nice love story at the center of an action film, and I don’t think you see that often in these kinds of films,” he told The Huffington Post.

“Wonder Woman” will be released on June 2, 2017.